Battlefield 1 Open Beta Ends On September 8th

EA DICE has revealed the end date for Battlefield 1 open beta. The open beta started on August 31st and will end on September 8th.

This was confirmed in an official tweet by Battlefield twitter account. The developers are still in the process of changing the game by  gathering player feedback. They recently removed the time limit from Conquest and Rush mode and are considering adding the classic Ticket system for Conquest depending on the player feedback.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The open beta for Battlefield 1 is currently available to download on all the major platforms. This beta features just one of the game map along with two different type of game modes, Conquest and Rush.

Battlefield 1 Rider

Battlefield 1 is being developed on the frostbite engine. It is set in an alternative history world war 1. The game continue the legacy of Battlefield multiplayer by bringing 64 players online on a large battlefield, giving them the freedom to combat with the enemy forces using a wide variety of vehicles and weapons.

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