Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Map Names Reveal, New Game Mode – Rumor

A couple of days ago, we found out that the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 4 called the Dragon’s Teeth will add new guns to the game alongside the new multiplayer maps and today, we found out more about these new multiplayer maps.

The new info was obtained by a fan who has been going through the game files of Battlefield 4. Hattiwatt1 revealed that he has found the names of the maps which will be a part of the upcoming DLC. According to Hattiwatt1, the names of the maps are Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon.

A Reddit user named Wirrew reported that the Dragon’s Teeth DLC will also introduce a brand new game mode to Battlefield 4. The new game mode will be called Chainlink and this game mode will be similar to Conquest. This game mode is a little more technical then the rest of the game mode as players get more points if they capture adjacent flags or capture points and the more points you control the fastest the enemy tickets decrease.

This new DLC will bring a lot of new things to Battlefield 4’s multiplayer as it includes new maps, guns, gadgets and a game mode. We will see everything in action when DICE reveal their new DLC on their official YouTube channel next week.

Abdullah Raza


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