Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month starts from 1st February

Battlefield 4 was launched last year and it was plagued with many bugs on launch day. So much so, that EA were sued for a below-par product. The developers tried their best to provide you with a memorable experience by fixing the problems with patches (and even adding some  more in the process) but it seems that there is a shift in their approach to keep hold of their fan-base.


You might not appreciate the fact that you paid $60 for a game which was (and still is?) riddled with many bugs and issues but it seems that the people at DICE certainly appreciate you for buying their product as DICE has just announced a Player Appreciation Month, starting from February 1, as announced on their official blog


To thank you for your dedication and support, I’d like to announce the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month. Starting on Saturday, February 1, DICE is saying THANK YOU to all players by hosting a month filled with fun community missions and daily giveaways that you get just for jumping into a match.

We appreciate all of the great feedback you continue to provide about all aspects of Battlefield 4. We take this very seriously, and hearing directly from you has helped to make the experience better.

The “Platoons” feature, which allows you and your friends to accumulate stats together as a group, will also make an entry during this month. You will also be rewarded with some extra items just by playing a multiplayer match in this month.

You will earn a Battlepack everyday you log-in to your battlelog and they might contain bonuses such as XP boosts and soldier camos. Every week day that you play Battlefield, you will be rewarded with a bronze Battlepack and on every weekend you would be rewarded with a Silver Battlepack.

All players will also be able to unlock grenades and handguns while premium members will be able to get hold of DMRs and shotguns as well. Moreover, there will also be a double XP weekend and Community Missions which will reward you with a gold Battlepack.

More details will be provided soon. Will you be playing Battlefield during February to get maximum rewards or have you already given up on this game? Let us know in the comments

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