Battlefield 4 Producer: Battlefield 4 Single-Player Campaign Prepares You For Multiplayer

Battlefield franchise is well known for its multiplayer component as compared to its single-player mode. Battlefield 3’s single-player campaign wasn’t well received but the multiplayer mode hit wonders amongst gamers. From piloting jet fighters to creating chaos using tanks, Battlefield 3’s multiplayer was a hit and with DLCs and expansions narrowing down to specifics and liking of a player, it made it much more fun to play. With huge maps and support for 64 players in multiplayer, Battlefield 3’s learning curve was a bit steep and difficult to master.

Speaking with El33tOnline, Battlefield 4’s Producer, Daniel Matros, stated that the multiplayer is always the heart of the Battlefield series. He continued that new players will eventually get into multiplayer of Battlefield. With the feedback received on Battlefield 3’s single-player campaign, this time with Battlefield 4, the single-player campaign will prepare the players for the multiplayer.

So you’ll be able to use your squad system there, you can customise your weapons, you’ll have an emotional drama going on as well as a political one, so there are different aspects to singleplayer [in Battlefield 4] as well to prepare players for multiplayer. And if that isn’t preparation enough we also have a testing ground for vehicles and to allow you to try out the different weapons – everything, you can just try it out to see if you like it or not.

said Matros.

Matros continued to clarify that a lot of new players will be joining from Battlefield 4 and not everyone knows what Battlefield is really about. So in order to accustom the new players of the franchise, DICE has developed and made it easy to navigate, easier to customize weapons and can see the soldier with camo on. He stated that everything this time around is more visual than before so it is easy to comprehend for everyone, old players and new. When asked about if co-op is going to return to Battlefield 4, Matros said that the team loved co-op in Battlefield 3 and that they’ll see what happens.

Battlefield 4’s public beta is already available for download for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and has received immense praise and even benchmarking results. Matros said that the feedback from the beta will be thoroughly analyzed and changes will be applied to the final product accordingly.

Battlefield 4 will wage war with us on October 29 in North American for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Next-gen consoles will see a release on November 15 for PlayStation 4 and November 22 for Xbox One.

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