Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment A Great Success

It’s been a week since DICE introduced the Community Test Environment for Premium Subscribers on the PC. In only one week’s time, DICE has been able to discover a few bugs and glitches that would’ve negatively affected the gaming experience of all Battlefield 4 players across all consoles and DICE is very happy with the results. The Community Test Environment helped DICE test the updates that they are planning to release and with the help of willing fans who are up to test the updates, they can detect bugs and glitches and fix them before the update is released to millions of fans who enjoy playing Battlefield 4 multiplayer.


The testers came across several bugs which they reported and now DICE are working on fixing these bugs so that when they time comes to release the update, there will have a bug free update.

Some of the bugs which were detected and fixed due to the testers in the Community Test Environment is given below:

  • Customize ADS sensitivity – Customize the sensitivity of individual optic zooms independently of hip fire sensitivity
  • Screen shake from explosions and other environmental hazards reduced
  • Chat delay fixed
  • Terrain exploits fixed
  • Character collision improved
  • Server tick rate improved from 10hz to 30hz – Leads to a smoother and more responsive network experience
  • High Frequency Network Update option – Customize your tick rate based on your own hardware specs

If you are a Premium Subscriber who plays on the PC and you wish to be a part of the testing process then click here to learn how.

Abdullah Raza


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