Battlefield 4’s gameplay shown at 60fps

After a slight delay, Battlefield 4’s gameplay was shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference, running at 60fps.

The video showed a group of soldiers attempting to escape a boat after recovering some intel. They fought their way through enemy soldiers, obviously with a lot of explosions and gunfire. Once outside, the ship began to suffer from heavy damage and started to sink, while the soldiers ran across it, fighting their way through enemies. Aircrafts were shown sliding off the ship and into the sea as the ship sank.

The particle and water effects were stunning. The overall graphics were definitely mind-blowing and the game looked like an enormous amount of fun.

The footage ended with the soldiers jumping off the sinking ship and into a speedboat below.

The game looks fantastic so far. Lets hope we see more of Battlefield later.

Humad Ali Shah

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