Battlefield Hardline Details Revealed

After a successful Press Conference by Microsoft, its EA’s turn to show off what they are bringing to the table this year. After a whole slew of sports games, EA finally came out with the juicy stuff. As of this moment, the Conference is ongoing and we’re giving you minuet by minute updates on anything and everything that is E3 2014.


Karl Madnus Trdedsson Group General Manager of Dice and Steve Papoutsis Executive Producer Visceral Games came up on stage to show off Battlefield Hardline this year.

“Its a new game that puts you right in the middle of the war on the streets between cops and criminals..”, said Steve. He goes on saying, “..Cops vs. Criminals, good guys vs. bad guys, This is the foundation of Hardline.”

The developers then showed a multiplayer preview of a 32 player match that looked amazing. The presenters earlier claimed that multiplayer was an intricate part of the game and they had improved upon it, after watching the multiplayer preview anyone can see that they were not joking. Vehicles, choppers, stun guns and of course the destruction.


And if that wasn’t enough, a Battlefield Beta was announced as of today. It is on a first come first serve basis and you have to register on their site for a chance to enroll in the beta i.e. on PS4 and PC.

Gamers on PS4 can get instant access as the game beta is downloadable under the Battlefield 4 tile. The only restriction to this is that you need to own a copy of BF4. Gamers interested have only a small amount of time till the offer runs out to bathe in its 60 Fps 1080p glory.

We will keep you up to date on any new info that comes out on the new game.

The trailer can be found below.


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