Battlefield Hardline DLC to add new weapons and vehicles

Battlefield Hardline, the most recent member of the Battlefield series, is finally getting its first DLC in a couple of weeks. The new shooter took a different approach to this title and focused more on criminals and cops rather than military warfare. The game received applause from critics for it’s multiplayer performance, but got criticized for the plot.

Information on Battlefield Hardline’s new DLC, Criminal Activity, has just been released by the game’s developer, Visceral Games, in a comprehensive post on their website. New cars and guns will be available for the shooter according to the developer’s post. Visceral Games says that for Criminal Activity, they are targeting quick and fast-moving close-quarter combat. To use the new equipment and gadgets, players will have to buy the DLC, however a free sub-machine gun will be given to all players to use with either cops or criminals via an update.

criminal activity feat

Detailed notes on the DLC are given below.

New vehicles:

  • Pick-up truck
  • Low-rider for criminals only

New ammunition types:

  • Breaching rounds for both cops and criminals
  • Armour piercing tracer rounds for both cops and criminals

New weapons:

  • Nail gun for both cops and criminals
  • Pump action Bullpup shotgun
  •  Assault Rifle for cops
  • Battle rifle for criminals

New Maps:

  • Backwoods
  • Code Blue
  • The Beat
  • Black Friday

New masks:

  • 4 police headgears
  • 2 animal masks for criminals

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