Battlefield Hardline DLC coming next week for Premium members

Battlefield series developer, Visceral Games, has revealed that the first DLC, Criminal Activity, for Battlefield Hardline is coming out next week on 16th June. This opportunity can only be availed by Battlefield Hardline Premium members along with other membership benefits. Ordinary people will have to wait a further two weeks which pushes their access to the DLC to roughly 30th June.

The new DLC brings 2 new vehicles, 2 new ammunition types, 4 new weapons, 4 new maps and 6 new masks. For further details check out the full DLC notes.

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Apart from early access to Battlefield’s latest offerings and DLCs, Premium members also receive perks which include 12 Gold Battlepacks, weapon customization, exclusive in-game items and events, double-XP access, priority position in server queues, masks, exclusive tournaments and Legendary Status.

Premium members will also have 2 weeks early access to upcoming DLCs like Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, Getaway and Betrayal. Robbery coming later this summer, Getaway coming in fall 2015 and Betrayal in winter early 2016.

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