Battlefield: Hardline Info Leaked, Game Modes, Classes And More

The most highly anticipated Expo of the year is almost here. E3 is an event that every gamer in the world looks forward to as developers reveal and announce tons of new information, but before E3, there are a lot of things that are leaked as well.

Today on the Battlelog, there was a leak regarding the Battlefield series. The leaked information has been complied below:

  • New Game Name: Battlefield Hardliner (Possible codenames: Havanna, Omaha)
  • New Game Mode: Bloodmoney, Heist (Clearly visible in code – GameMode List)
  • Alpha and Beta in use or preperation (Found both parts in code)
  • Soldier Classes: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, Professional (Clearly visible in code)
  • Platforms: (PS3, XBOX 360) – Differs in some code parts – Always present in code PS4, XBOX One and PC
  • Teams: THIEVES, SWAT

This information was gathered from a code on the Battlelog and the code revealed a new Battlefield game called Battlefield: Hardline as well as new game modes and the platforms it will be available on. There were a few images in the CSS files for Battlefield: Hardline. You can view the images below:

Image of the Logo:

Battlefield Hardline logo


Smaller Logo:

Battlefield Hardline short logo




Image of the game:



Game mode Blood Money:



Game mode Heist:



Badges of the Teams:



ThievesTheives Badge

Icons of the Achievements:





Weapon Attachments:


Icons of the Weapon Attachments:

Attachments Icons


Icons of Vehicles:

Vehicle icons

Vehicle Unlocks:


An image was found in the CSS files which indicates that Battlefield: Hardline is being developed by the developers of the highly popular Dead Space series, Visceral Games. You can view the images below:

visceral logo

This is just a rumor and nothing is official so a lot of this might not be true at all, so take this information with a grain of salt. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the game at E3 next month.

Abdullah Raza


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