Battlefield Hardline: ‘Omaha Demo’ Gets Listed On PSN Store For PS4

Battlefield Hardline was recently leaked through Battlelog. This leak revealed almost everything that is to know about the game. Later, we got a full 7 minutes of footage from an internal video, which showed the whole game and its various modes in detail.

It seems like Electronic Arts are planning to conduct a private (or public) beta for Battlefield Hardline, which also had the codename ‘Omaha” for its single player campaign, if this store listing is anything to go by.

This listing has now been removed but the link can still be found here, although it leads to nowhere. Maybe we will know more about it at the upcoming E3.

Battlefield Hardline story will feature cops for the first time in the series. The multiplayer is also changed to cops vs robbers now instead of the standard military warfare. The game is set to release this fall on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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