Battlefield Hardline: What’s the Best Gun in the Game?

I’ve been playing Battlefield Hardline extensively for the past few days using almost every gun in the game. Some guns are extremely good while others are almost useless, so for a new players it can take some time to find the better guns.

I’ve personally found the M416 and M16A3 to be the best guns in Battlefield Hardline for the whole package they provide. Sure some guns might be better for short, medium and long range but these two guns allow you to perform amazing at all ranges.


The M416 is a Criminal Weapon sold for $43,800 and the M16A3 is a Cop weapon sold for $37,500. Both guns are top of the line Assault Rifles available for the Operator class. The only major difference between both guns is that the M416 has a higher fire rate which is why I prefer it to the M16A3. However the M416 has slightly higher recoil so that might turn some players off. I personally use both while playing the Operator class choosing them for either side because racking up 1250 kills for a Weapon License is honestly too much work. Both guns have good damage, range, handling and ammo capacity which is why I feel they’re the best guns in Battlefield Hardline.


If you main the Engineer Class then I would recommend trying out the K10 or MPX on the Cops side and PDW on the Criminal side. The K10 has a super high fire rate coupled with high damage that can put down enemies super quick, however to counter that the gun has a very small magazine. The PDW on the other hand has a huge magazine but low damage, so spray and pray is a valid strategy here. The MPX is a best of both worlds gun that has a good fire rate and ammo capacity.

For the Enforcer Class the SPAS-12 is amazing if you like using Shotguns, otherwise SA-58 is a very good Battle Rifle that’s accurate and powerful albeit a bit slow to fire.


If you like using Snipers with the Professional Class then grind out the class for the .300 Knockout, some people however prefer the Scout Rifle that has a super quick follow up shot but can’t do One-Hit Kills unless it’s a bullet to the head.

As far as attachments go; I prefer the Kobra RDS or Red Dot Sight for the Optics, Lazer Sight for the SMG/PDW and Vertical Grip for Rifles and Muzzle Break for the Barrels.

What do you think is the best gun in Battlefield Hardline? Do you agree with my choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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