Battlefield V Key Art Leak Confirms World War 2 Setting

Battlefield V will get an official reveal soon however the key art for the game has already leaked online. As discovered on reddit, the game will apparently feature World War 2 as a setting that confirms the earlier rumors about it.

Battlefield V will be following its predecessor which was set during World War 1. The game is expected to launch this holiday for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The key art that was discovered ahead of the official launch seems to be similar in style to Battlefield 1. It also matches the hints dropped in the short teaser trailer earlier this week.

You can see the main character wield what appears to be M1 Carbine and M1911 in the key art. Battlefield V will be the second game in recent times to featured World War 2. Call of Duty already had World War 2 setting with its most recent game so it should be interesting to see a more modern take for World War 2 in a Battlefield game.

Battlefield V will be officially revealed on May 23rd. EA DICE are hosting a livestream to announce the game and it is also confirmed to feature War Stories, which makes its return from Battlefield 1. This is a short single player story for various World War 2 soldiers that originated in Battlefield 1.

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