Bayonetta 1+2 Collection Owners Complain About Invalid Download Voucher Codes

Bayonetta 1+2 Collection is out now for the Nintendo Switch. It contains the first 2 Bayonetta games that were previously only available for the Nintendo Wii U excluding the first game. However, the physical version of Bayonetta 2 only includes the second game in cart while the first game is available as a download voucher code.

After the release of the game, some users are now reporting that their download code vouchers are invalid for Bayonetta 1. This seems to be a case with the vouchers which begin with the initials URHP. This was shared by Nintendeal Twitter account.

Nintendo America has now confirmed that this has indeed been the case as a small amount of vouchers for Bayonetta 1 were printed incorrectly. They have suggested the users who are affected by this issue to contact the customer support.

If you have purchased the Bayonetta 1+2 Collection at physical and are having issues redeeming the download voucher for the first game, it is best to contact Nintendo Support in order to get the correct version of download code.

Bayonetta 1+2 Collections brings the first two games in the series for the Nintendo Switch. It was announced at the Video Game Awards along with a tease for Bayonetta 3, which has also been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

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