Beholder Is Now Out On Steam

The new dystopia simulator game titled Beholder is now available on Steam for PC, MAC and Linux according to Alawar Entertainment and Warm Lamp Games. The game is set in a totalitarian state and depicts the horrors of living under constant surveillance.

Users play the game as the landlord of a building who is appointed by the government to spy on his tenants. Interestingly, the players have the choice to play any way they want to. They can either take an empathetic stance, or torture their tenants.


Beholder requires the players to eavesdrop, place wiretaps and cameras, and search apartments in order expose and report anyone who might be scheming against the state. The game keeps testing which direction a player’s moral compass points towards by giving him/her the choice to either save, or report different tenants.

Players can blackmail tenants or even take bribes for keeping their mouths shut. On the other hand, they can also choose to hide evidence in order to save somebody who they think deserves to be saved. But then again, how do they decide which person is worthy?

The plot of the game sounds pretty interesting as it is inspired by George Orwell’s philosophical narrative, which talks about issues regarding social and moral values. The game seems to perfectly capture modern day fear of brutal government oversight and lack of privacy.


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