Below Update 4 Is Live On PC; Here’s What It Does

Below is finally out after all these years and the new update is live now on PC. It was announced at the end of last month and was available as a beta update, and it has been released with a public build today.

Below is an indie game that has been in development for a long time. It was originally coming to the Xbox One as a console exclusive and then later confirmed to be multiplatform. The game has similarity to The Legend of Zelda series and carries some lovely artwork. It didn’t manage to garner critical acclaim but the user reviews are not that bad.

Below’s new update is available now on PC. You can read the full patch notes below.

Below January 2 Update 4 Patch Notes For PC

  • The Wanderer should no longer get stuck in a sheathing / unsheathing loop. We affectionately call this the “DANCE” bug. Whatever you call it, it should be resolved.
  • “Dangling Targetables” error popup is resolved, you shouldn’t see that anymore.
  • Rare “ObstructionCache” error is resolved, shouldn’t see that either
  • Pocket storage crash has been defeated. Some bugs with transferring items haven’t been squashed yet but we’re on it.
  • Fixed the lantern potentially spawning in an inaccessible area (after the long fall).
  • Fix for lantern light not shining correctly when wearing certain armor
  • One large rock could, in very rare cases, block your path in caves. That should no longer happen.
  • In very rare cases, the procedural generation could cause Frozen layer path blockages. We have scolded the RNG and this has been resolved
  • Very rare Catacombs path blockages have been resolved too.
  • Longshot arrow selection updates correctly now.
  • Teleports pads disappearing fixed.
  • Various other small bug or stability fixes.
  • We’ve also added an additional layer or two of detail into our dump files to help with certain issues. If you’ve sent us dumps before and your issue still isn’t resolved, please send new dumps.

Below is available now for the PC and Xbox One.

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