Best games to play on your Smartwatch

Despite the fact that the smartwatch is one such technical mobile-based innovation that has had a relatively short life-span thus far it’s yet another device that has excited and intrigued game developers. Already we have seen developers creatively use the new platform to produce fun and interesting new games.


Using the concept of short bursts of playing time gamers are able to take the role of a spy handler in this latest offering from Bossa Studios. You set your rookie spy up with various missions and throughout the day he will contact you requesting instructions on what he should do next. You can then select from multiple choice options on screen that will help the spy along with his mission.



For fans of the overly simplistic yet frustratingly addictive retro arcade-styled smartphone classic ‘Flappy Bird’ will be pleased to discover that the smartwatch has its own similar tapping game experience. ‘Birdie Wear’ is compatible with Android wear devices such as the LG G Watch and much like ‘Flappy Bird’ the idea is to tap the screen in order to keep the bird flying. However, if you happen to be particularly thick fingered or easily aggravated then you may perhaps want to avoid this one altogether.


Plenty of swiping action is what the popular smartwatch game ‘Castle Stormer’ requires in order to help the little knight climb his way up the side of the castle. You race up the castle avoiding snakes, thorns and other obstacles is this fast-paced and addictive little smartwatch game. Great for a quick burst of gaming action whilst you’re sat on the train or bus making your way to or from work. 


Android smartwatch owners are now able to play a number of various casino-based games on their exciting wearable devices as a number of operators further expand their online market to the new platform. One such popular effort is smartwatch slot game Thunderstruck. The game from Microgaming features 5 reels and 9 paylines and includes all the relevant features and multipliers that’ll hopefully help you to spin in a win.


This free little arcade game from Teensy Studios is a particularly addictive venture into space where players are challenged with the task of keeping a planet alive by changing its orbit and saving it from clashing with stars and other planets around you. You’ll soon find yourself on more than one occasion finding

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