Best Buy Leaks Persona 5, Metroid Prime Trilogy, New Zelda Game For Nintendo Switch

Best Buy has leaked a whole lot of new announcements for the Nintendo Switch. One of these is Persona 5 for the Nintendo Switch, which might be tied to Persona 5 S announcement expected at the end of this month.

Persona 5 has been rumored for the Nintendo Switch for a while now, but we do know that Persona 5 The Royal ended up as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Persona 5 S has a separate domain and website that went live a while ago. Most speculations are that Persona 5 R is for the PS4 while Persona 5 S is for the Nintendo Switch, but there is nothing concrete to suggest this is the case.

Best Buy leaked this new Persona along with Metroid Prime Trilogy (via), which is another game that has been rumored by numerous different sources for a while now. It was apparently coming soon but Nintendo delayed it for some unforeseen reasons. It should serve as a stop gap until Metroid Prime 4 arrives, which was delayed by Nintendo as they shifted all the development to in-house on it.

Lastly, there is a new Zelda game with A Link to the Past remake that is apparently coming to the Nintendo Switch. This was the big new surprise from Best Buy leaks.

As it is the case with rumors and news that comes from unverified sources, take them with a grain of salt but since the listing for these games was found in the system of Best Buy, there is some degree of truth to this leak.

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