Best ways to make currency in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is full of different types of currency with some more valuable than others. These types of currencies in a trading league will allow you to purchase items you normally wouldn’t just find out there, or unique items you’re having trouble obtaining. There are many ways to go about earning currency in game, and some of them may be ways you want to check out!


Mapping is the most common way players make currency and it is often the most fun. After completing the main storyline you will be given another quest to complete, which in turn will allow you to start mapping. Mapping will randomly generate areas based on which map you insert into your map device. Maps can even be modified with currency to yield much higher rewards and more monsters to drop more currency and rare items!


Delve has commonly become one of the most profitable and interesting ways to earn currency in Path of Exile. You can access Delve during Act 4 in Niko’s Mine Encampment. Though it may feel repetitive, Delve is very rewarding and you’ll even receive crafting recipes you can’t obtain anywhere else! Plain currency may not always be what you’re getting. You may end up getting rare items that can sell for lots. This is a way of making currency and obtaining crafting recipes that are very important.


Although this method does not work for Solo Self Found players at all, trading is often the most profitable way to make lots of currency. If you haven’t already, you can purchase a premium stash tab (or several) and set it to public. Right clicking any items placed in the stash tab will allow you to set prices for the item that other players can see on the trade sites or PoE.Trade. You can even go the other route and do trade sniping by purchasing something that someone listed for far less than it is worth and selling it for the standard price to make quick profit.


Quite possibly the most unreliable way to make currency, but highly rewarding when you do receive something worthwhile. Gambling in Path of Exile can require that you already have some currency to spend on rare items to corrupt, divination cards, or other things. The most popular gambling method is Vaal Orb corrupting because it is cheap, and has a higher chance to yield something profitable to you by changing the effects or adding special effects to particular items, but making them unchangeable afterwards.

Divination card gambling is another (sometimes) profitable gambling method. There are a wide range of divination cards that can give you random items and forms of currency and purchasing a lot of these cards will increase your chances of getting a good gamble.

The last inexpensive form of gambling we will talk about is Orb of Chancing spam. As the name states, you will be spamming orbs of chance and orbs of scouring on a single item, or multiple items. Orbs of chance have a very small chance to turn a normal item into a unique item; which can turn your plain leather belt into a Head Hunter Leather Belt if you’re lucky enough!

Master Farming

Farming your masters is another way you can keep doing mapping, but also get extra events in those maps. These masters provide ways you can unlock specific events you can complete to earn rare rewards. However, this option is limited to how often you receive new missions for your masters.

Purchasing Currency

Purchasing PoE currency is by far the easiest way to earn currency. Using a trusted website such as, you can easily purchase your currency for fair prices. You can even buy specific items for low prices and be on your way to completing even the toughest maps and missions!

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