Beta Update 1.2 Is Now Live For Dishonored 2 On PC

Its no secret that the launch of Dishonored 2 on PC was a buggy mess. Even now, over ten days after the game’s launch, players are still facing major issues with the game such as framerate dips and game crashing. Now, Arkane Studios has released a brand new patch for the game.

Titled Update 1.2, the patch is available now through Steam as a Beta update. It solves a bunch of issues players had with the game such as reducing the framerate stuttering, fixing freezing issues and even major bugs such as the game crashing when players left certain buildings.

dishonored 2

A basic overview of the patch can be found below:

  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Auto-detection of the Visual settings was re-worked based on player feedback and observed issues. If you are still experiencing issues after updating drivers and downloading patch 1.2, we advise using the “Restore Settings” option to apply the recommended settings for your hardware.
  • Max pre-rendered frames is now managed by the game, advise removing any previous manual customizations in graphics driver control panel
  • Fixes multiple issues related to game logic
  • Fixed various issues related to user interface
  • Fixed various issues related to mouse/KB and gamepad
  • Fixed various issues related to using alt-tab related bugs
  • Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors
  • Added new settings in the Options menu:
    • Added a Framerate Limiter so the player can limit framerate fluctuation when playing without V-sync
    • Added TAA Sharpness option
    • Added more options to V-Sync settings
    • Added Triple Buffering option

To get a look at the full highly detailed notes, click here to go to the the Official post on Bethesda’s website.

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