Beyond Good And Evil 2 Was Delayed Due To Technical Problems, Says Michel Ancel

Michel Ancel, the director of Beyond Good and Evil 2, recently posted that the game had to be delayed because of too many technical issues. He further stated that he wanted to introduce new planet explorations, space travel, and cities to the sequel of the 2003 video game, Beyond Good and Evil.

There has been a fair amount of uncertainty, rumors, and doubts regarding this game’s future, as soon as its release was announced in 2008. The original game was supposed to be the first of a trilogy of games, however, it was unable to gain much commercial success. For this reason, Ubisoft was initially reluctant to invest in a sequel.


In different interviews over the years, Ancel hinted at what the new game would consist of. He stated that it will essentially be a mix of experiences with a variety of levels, and loads of emotions in the gameplay. Moreover, he emphasized on his wish to conserve the spirit of the first game, while changing its form.

In his recent post on Instagram, Ancel explained that his team at Ubisoft transferred their resources to Rayman Origins while they waited for the right technology to arrive for the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2. He also confessed that although the technology is now available, his team still has to put in a lot of work.


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