Beyond Good And Evil 2 Will Be Like GTA In Space, Features SP/MP Campaign

Ubisoft has shared some new details for Beyond Good and Evil 2. While the game was revealed with just a cinematic trailer, Ubisoft has promised more information for the game later this year. They have also shown a behind the scenes internal demo at E3 and will gradually release more information on the game.

The new information was revealed in an interview with Michael Ancel hosted by Twitch. The interview revealed a lot of interesting information about the state of the game. The developers have revealed that they were working for 3 years on an engine for the game that would help them achieve their goals in term of how they want to design the game.

Despite having 2 in the title, this is actually a prequel to the original Beyond Good and Evil that goes back to the foundation of the world seen in the game. You will learn about the history of some of the races and their backstory in this new game. The races in this world are called hybrids who are half human and half animals. They are created by humans to colonize the planets that they consider too toxic to for living conditions. The story will connect to the events leading in Beyond Good and Evil.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is also the biggest game developed by the team. The engine that they developed for the game allows them to offer planetary exploration with detailed cities and hubs. The developers consider it equivalent to having GTA in space.

The core of the game is focused on two important aspects. One is having the user play the game solo so they can experience the story alone. The other is the online aspect that allows the user to call his friends for co-op, just like in the original Beyond Good and Evil companions could help the player, the co-op will allow the user to complete mission with his friends.

There is no release date and platforms given for Beyond Good and Evil 2 but the official website that asks for feedback has listed PS4, Xbox One and PC as the main platforms.

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