BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Has Free Music Up For Grabs

With BioShock Infinite and its  Burial at Sea miniseries done,Irrational Games  is giving away three brand new extended tracks from its Burial at Sea soundtrack. Yesterday, Irrational Games boss Ken Levine tweeted  “A thank you from us,”( As most of us know Irrational Games is breaking up, with Ken building a smaller, more focused studio. And while this may not be the end of the Bioshock games, as might as well be the end for the ones made by the original creative team.)  . The tracks included in the free release include “Little Sisters’ Song”, “The Pie Song” and “Old Man Winter Jingle”, all of which can be streamed right now from Soundcloud.

The Bioshock series has always been known for its fantastic soundtracks, and these small releases are no different.  “Little Sisters’ Song” is like something out of Mary Poppins, with its swelling vocal line really pushing home the idealistic spirit of the Rapture dream, and the children’s place in it.  “The Pie Song” is the folk, anti-establishment, anti-Ryan song that hallows the halls of every edgy teens bedroom under sea side, while “Old Man Winter Jingle” is a advert that promotes ‘Being cooler than the coolest cats.’


Here is a exert from the description of ‘Little Sisters’ Song’

I was thinking about ways to create depth in daily life in Rapture, and thought that the Little Sisters’ Home could use a little propaganda music… A song that would ease the minds of the citizens that little girls being taken from their families was really just another example of living the Objectivist’s Dream!  So I took on the role of being the music producer who put together this totally phony recording session with a professional singer and a group of child singers, to create an idealistic musical conversation between “Mama Tenenbaum” and a group of fresh-faced, joyful little sisters.




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