Bioshock Infinite DLC Announcement coming today

Earlier, we told you about Ken Levine’s tweet that said “Excited for Tomorrow”. It was speculated that the game director was referring to the announcement of the Bioshock Infinite DLC.

Turns out that speculation was correct. We’ll be seeing some Bioshock Infinite DLC soon. Levine is openly speaking on Twitter and has revealed the time of the announcement to an eager fan, and the time zone to another.

He hasn’t said that the announcement is of the Bioshock Infinite DLC, but he has confirmed on his Facebook page that it has nothing to do with the PlayStation Vita.


Levine has also said that he has faith that the fans will enjoy the DLC. Trying to be funny, he also said that the DLC is not about adding new socks for the character, “BioSocks”.

I can’t wait till the announcement. What about you?


Humad Ali Shah

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