BioWare’s Anthem Gameplay Revealed At E3, Set For 2018 Release


Anthem is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2018, and the developers at BioWare just showcased gameplay of the upcoming title.

In Anthem, players take control of Freelancers, who are explorers who leave the safety of the walls and complete tasks given to them, if the price is right. To defend themselves from the outside world, Freelancers are equipped with Exo-Suits that are called Javelins.

Every Javelin is unique and are customizable. Custom build your own Javelin to suit your needs for maximum efficiency. The gameplay shown at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference showcased the Colossus, which is a tankier Javelin, which can take a lot more damage compared the other types of Javelins. You can watch the official gameplay reveal of Anthem below:

As mentioned before, Javelins can be customized to a player’s preference. As you can see in the gameplay reveal, one of the players is equipped with a mortar which deals a ton of damage in an AoE. The game also features a loot system which will reward players with weapons, armor pieces, etc. As we saw in the gameplay above, players will have defend themselves from monsters, as well as the hostile enviroment that will make your task very hard. You will have to fight powerful wilds and make your way to safety and survive.

No release date was announced for the upcoming title, but we will see Anthem sometime in 2018.

Abdullah Raza


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