BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition Review

BitDefender Antivirus has always been one of the front runners in the Antivirus industry thanks to them knowing what exactly the consumers want, packaged with sophisticated and efficient technology keeping baddies on the Internet away. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition which is a very lightweight Antivirus and AntiMalware product perfect for those who just want to get their work done and not have to hassle with settings and complicated screens.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition was released last year around Christmas and has received positive reviews all year round. Like the commercial offering of BitDefender Antivirus, the Free Edition also uses the Cloud to offer real time protection of your PC. Unlike the paid version, the Free version is much streamlined and offers only essentials to keep your computer safe.


BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition comes with it’s own downloader that will download and install the program for you. Installation is fairly simple but make sure that you don’t have other Antiviruses running at the time of installation, otherwise things could get messy. You may also want to opt out of sharing anonymous data that is used to make BitDefender better.

The Interface is very simple with just three options on the main page. Here you can choose to enable or disable the Virus Shield, have BitDefender Antivirus auto scan the system while you’re not using it and see information about your BitDefender account. You will need to sign in using your social media account or email address to use the Free Edition, otherwise it disable itself after 30 days of usage. You can also view logs if you’re trying to troubleshoot specific files, this will open in a new window.


As excessively simplistic BitDefender Free Antivirus is, it’s also very minimal on simple features like executing a complete scan of your system, currently you can only select files and folders manually to get them checked. The lack of options will have some users scratching their heads.  Due to this BitDefender will often delete files that are infected without your permission.

The Antivirus Engine present is excellent and it didn’t let any malware or virus infect my PC during usage. The Engine is efficient and doesn’t require a lot of resources to work.

Overall for a free product the BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition is nothing short of brilliant and most casual users will have no problems using it. The Free Edition is perfect for people who want an antivirus software but aren’t willing to cough up the doe just yet.

You can download BitDefender Free Antivirus from their website.

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