Bitdefender Box is hardware protection for your home network

Bitdefender Antivirus is a very well-known brand in the Antivirus-Malware Buster software market and now they’re diving into hardware. Their latest product, the Bitdefender Box, acts as security hub for your home network with state of the art hardware protection.

The Bitdefender Box is basically a very secure b/g/n WiFi router that secures your requested data before it reaches your devices. The Box can be setup using an iOS or Android devices and then is able to protect all the devices on your network.

The company describes the Box as:

Just like an antivirus for your home network. Not just for your computers. Everything. Once connected to the Internet, every device, even Smart TVs, smart appliances like fridges, thermostats or gaming consoles are vulnerable to malware that silently does its work.

BOX protects everything else that’s in the home: PCs, Macs, Android and iOS tablets and phones alike.

BOX uses Bitdefender technology to keep everything safe. Even from threats that come via USB sticks or portable storage devices. Local protection uses the best antivirus technology to take care of your PC, Mac or Android. With this extra layer of protection you are safe from both online and offline threats. Install Local Protection from the BOX app and you are all set!

At a glance I can’t help but admire the aesthetics of the Box, it looks like something out of an Apple lineup.


Currently only available in the United States, the Bitdefender Box retails for $199. The device includes a year of protection, but the first year will cost $99 per year to renew.  The package includes everything that you need to get started including the Box, power adapter, USB Cable, Ethernet cable and manuals.

In short if you’re really concerned about the security of your home network, then the Bitdefender Box is definitely a reliable option. Head over to their official website for more information.

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