Bizon Patch in the Upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts Patch

When Call of Duty: Ghosts first came out, everyone’s favourite SMG to use was the MTAR-X. The low recoil and effectiveness at almost any range made this gun a fan favourite and was the most used gun in the game, however, recently all the SMGs except the MTAR-X got a buff which means they were more effective then before. One of the SMGs which was never used was now one of the most popular SMGs in the game. You all know the gun I’m talking about, the Bizon.

Before the patch, the Bizon’s low range and high recoil made this gun unusable and ineffective but after the patch, the gun was buffed and it’s range increased and the recoil was slightly reduced and this gun was, in my opinion, the best SMG in the game. In the hands of a Pro player, this gun could take out enemies across the map and the high fire rate made this gun very effective at close range so this gun was effective not only at close range, as most SMGs are, but it was also effective at medium to long range as well.


This gun was so over powered that a couple of days ago, MLG (Major League Gaming) announced that they will be banning the gun in Competitive Call of Duty until the gun is nerfed. Infinity Ward are on top of things and will be nerfing the Bizon in the upcoming patch which is set to come out next week. Today Infinity Ward tweeted:


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