Black Ops 4 Server Status: Is the Black Ops 4 Server Down?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Server Status is hard to know when you’re playing the game. Black Ops 4 will often throw out a long string error that normal people have no idea of what it could mean. So how do you check if the Black Ops 4 server is down? We’ll there’s a couple of way we can check that and know if the error you’re getting is because of the game or your Internet connection, we’ll be covering those in the article below:

Black Ops 4 Server Status on Activision’s Website

Call of Duty Publishers Activision have a nice server status indicator on their website that you can use to check Black Ops 4 server status as well as for other games including older Call of Duty games and even Skylanders.

The only problem is that the server indicator isn’t very accurate and often shows that the service is up when its down for a lot of people.

Black Ops 4 Server Status on Server tracker

You can use a server status tracker like downornot to keep an eye on the Black Ops 4 server status. The service keeps an hourly track and even tracks issues faced by users. You can also check it to keep an eye on other websites to see if they’re down or not, it’s a pretty handy tool.

Black Ops 4 Server Status on Social Media

Probably the most inaccurate way but you can check Twitter or Reddit and sort by new to see if others are having trouble communicating with the game to confirm if the Black Ops 4 server is down.

Did this article help? Are you facing issues with the Black Ops 4 servers? Let us know in the comments.

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