Blade And Soul Beluga Lagoon Update Is Going Live Tomorrow

Blade and Soul is set to receive its Beluga Lagoon update tomorrow. This update will introduce a new 6-on-6 PvP battleground, new legendary soul shields, a new legendary weapon, as well as upgrade path previews for weapons and accessories.

Blade & Soul is a fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It has been published by NCSOFT, and developed by Team Bloodlust, the developer division of NCSOFT.


Blade & Soul features a mixture of martial arts inspired battles and a special Chinese martial art technique, qinggong, in an open-world environment. Players create their own playable characters, through a highly customizable system, who then travel through the world by completing challenges assigned by various non playing characters.

The game uses a real-time battle system, where players create their own combination of a series of attacks which can be used in battles. These battles are viewed through the third person camera.

The new Beluga Lagoon battleground will be the venue for the White Whale Festival that happens every year. The festival pays homage to the legendary White Whale, who is believed to bring good fate. Thus all 12 fighters will try to battle it out to earn this good luck.

This update will be available to every player in the game, for free, and is going to go live tomorrow, October 26.


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