Blizzard Is Looking For A New Game Director For An ‘Unannounced Project’

Blizzard Entertainment recently began to advertise a position on their website for a new game director for a unannounced project. Could this finally lead to fans getting a much awaited sequel in the Diablo franchise?

Originally reported by BlizzPro, the posting reveals that Blizzard’s Irvine studio is currently in the market for a new game director. The page, which can be found here, lists the responsibilities and requirements needed by the candidate. Some of these requirements, such as “Shipped multiple AAA products as a game director or creative director” and “Knowledgeable and passionate about Diablo games”, Have lead many people to speculate that a new Diablo game might be in the works. Diablo 3 director, Jay Wilson, departed the company earlier this month, prompting Blizzard to look for someone new.


Now just to offer a bit of clarity about the issue, hiring a new game director doesn’t necessarily mean that a new Diablo is in development. The director can be working on anything from patches to new expansions for Diablo 3. That being said, it has been over 4 years since the last game in the series came out and assuming that Diablo IV is being developed, might not be too far-fetched.

This is also not the first job position that Blizzard has offered either. Back in August 2015, a new posting for an art director also went up. You can check out our coverage of that story over here.

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