Blizzard set to show off Overwatch short starring Bastion during Gamescom

bastion overwatch

One of Overwatch’s more infamous heroes, Bastion, is set to get a dedicated short very soon. It was revealed on the Russian Overwatch social site that Bastion will be appearing in an upcoming short called “The Last Bastion”, set to air sometime during Gamescom later this month.

Gamescom starts on August 18 so expect the short to land on around that date.

Below is the image shared with the announcement.

bastion overwatch

Do note that Blizzard hasn’t officially announced this yet.

Bastion is the latest in the line of Overwatch heroes to get a dedicated short after the likes of Soldier 76 and Genji already have gotten their time in the limelight. You can check out the Overwatch shorts on the official Overwatch YouTube channel.

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Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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