Blizzard Stealthily Changes Official Overwatch Loot Description

Blizzard Entertainment has changed the official ‘Loot’ description on Overwatch’s official website. This information comes courtesy of reddit user ThanksBros, who noticed a change on the game’s website.

While the original description read as, “Loot Boxes have a chance to contain credits that you can use to acquire any specific cosmetics you want”, it has now been changed to “Loot Boxes have a chance to contain credits that you can use to acquire many customization options”.

Overwatch Lucioball

For those who don’t know, Overwatch is currently is the process of a seasonal event, as part of the 2016 Rio Olympics, and is offering a new mode called ‘Lucioball’ as well as multiple unique cosmetic items that will only be available during said event.

These cosmetics cannot be purchased through in-game currency, like regular cosmetics, and can only be acquired through opening Loot Crates, and not the ones players may already be hoarding. So the only option left for players who want to get these cosmetics, is through pure luck when receiving crates on leveling up, or through purchasing crates using real cash.

Blizzard set to show off Overwatch short starring Bastion during Gamescom

Overwatch was released back on the 24th of May for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game also recently announced the newest addition to it’s roster, a support sniper called Ana Amari.

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