Bloodborne 1.02 Update To Be Released Next Week, Will Fix Progression Bug In Game

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is set to receive a new 1.02 update next week which aims to fix the progression bug that was discovered in the current version of the game. This bug renders the progress of the game useless as players are forced to wait for a potential fix.

Sony has acknowledged this bug and detailed it as follow.

This bug occurs once the user initiates online multiplayer as a co-op guest (by using the “Small Resonant Bell”) or as a hostile invader (by using the “Sinister Resonant Bell”) in the “Forbidden Woods” area.

So if you are currently at the “Forbidden Woods” area, it would be best to do what Sony advised and avoid getting summoned or invaded in a multiplayer match. You can play the game offline until you pass this area, or until the fix has been released.


Sony has also confirmed that a new patch will fix the slow loading issue in the game, which currently takes a while to load once we die at various points in the game. While this new update aims to fix the progression bug, it is unknown whether it will also fix the loading issue in the game.

Let us know if you have been affected by this bug in the comments below.

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