Bloodborne Has Already Exceeded The Order 1886 In Term of Digital Sales and Popularity

Bloodborne is the recently released PS4 exclusive from From Software, which has received rave reviews so far and currently has a metascore of 93, which makes it the highest rated exclusive on any platform this year. It also ranks among the top rated platform exclusive next to Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U. The Order 1886 was another PS4 exclusive that was hyped to hell and beyond, but unfortunately received mediocre review scores giving it a metascore of 65.

SuperData recently released their digital sales report for video games and stated that The Order 1886 was a “modest” success, but they also acknowledged that due to complaints related to the game’s length (and critical reception), the game might not hold well in term of sales.

The Order: 1886 managed to make a modest splash, entering this month’s top ten list at number 8 with $7.1 million in sales. However, following a string of complaints about the game’s short playtime, it is unlikely the game will stick around for very long.

PlayStation Store offers the users to rate the game that they have bought so far, and while the ratings are not a perfect representation of the sales, they do provide an insight on how many copies the game might have sold. It is a flawed metric to judge the sales performance but nonetheless, it offers an interesting insight on the popularity of both games.

It is interesting to notice that Bloodborne, despite being a more niche series compared to The Order 1886, has already exceeded the digital sales of The Order 1886 on the PlayStation Store (in EU), while also maintaining a near perfect rating.



The above ratings reveal how people like both exclusives, and gives an estimate of how many copies might have been sold digitally. Another interesting thing to note is that the Bloodborne sales figure in EU count just 4 days of digital sales while The Order 1886 has been out for more than a month.

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