Bloodborne Boss Guide: Best Way to Fight and Beat Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne has an insanely difficult boss fight with Father Gascoigne. It is likely possible that you will have a hard time fighting this boss during your first playthrough and as such, this guide can help you in fighting him with ease.

First of all, to even think of fighting this boss, we recommend that your minimum level should be atleast 20. You can try to find the music box in order to weaken him, which can help a lot with this boss fight. To find the music box, you need to locate the daughter of Father Gascoigne.

For locating the music box, go to one of the windows in Yharnam where there is a locked gate which can be found near a central fountain, you can locate two dogs and a villager roaming there. To reach this location, you need to run all the way across the great bridge and down the far left staircase. You will need to go to the other side of this staircase, which you can do so by taking the sewers and using the ladder to go up to a cross-way featuring a troll banging on a door.


Once you can locate this daughter, she will give you a tiny Music Box, if you offer to help her locate her parents. This music box can make the fight with Father Gascoigne much easier.

Before you start the fight with Father Gascoigne, you need to equip this Music Box and you can use it three times during the fight to stagger him. Since Father Gascoigne has two stages of fight, and during the second stage, he can turn into a werewolf; it is best if you save the music box until the second stage of the fight.

You can also take a look at the video posted above to find an easier way of fighting Father Gascoigne.

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