Bloodborne Co-op Gets Broken After Using Suspend Mode On PS4; Here’s How To Fix It

Bloodborne co-op might be affected by PS4 2.50 firmware update as people are unable to summon anyone using Beckoning Bell, or play co-op after suspending and resuming the PS4.

Sony just released a new PS4 firmware update that finally allows suspending and resuming a game: a feature that was announced at the very start of PS4 reveal. This suspend and resume feature might be great but it currently introduces a bug in Bloodborne, which leaves the player out of the co-op and multiplayer of the game.


If the player attempts to call for help using Beckoning Bell, they will keep getting disconnected and lose the valuable Insight. Thankfully this bug can be easily fixed by closing the application and restarting it again. As it appears to be a simple bug with the game in the latest firmware update, hopefully it can be patched soon.

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Bloodborne is From Software’s latest game for the PlayStation 4. It is a critical success and currently hold a meta score of 93 on metacritic.

Let us know if you are having issues using suspend mode in Bloodborne in the comments below.

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