Bloodborne: Cool Camera Glitch Makes The Game Look Like a Top Down Action RPG

Bloodborne is From Software’s latest release on the PlayStation 4 and it was developed in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

Bloodborne is an action RPG with focus on fast paced combat and while the game has a third person camera, one user managed to glitch the camera, which resulted in the game looking like a top down action RPG.

You can check out this glitch in action below.

[gfycat data_id=”PettyDeadlyBighornedsheep”]

This is a pretty cool glitch as it tricks the camera in making the game look like a top down action RPG like in Diablo 3.

Bloodborne is out now on the PS4 in North America and Europe. The game has received rave reviews so far and currently has a metascore of 93, making it the highest rated PS4 exclusive so far.

You can read more about Bloodborne, including its Beasthood stat, farming spots for Blood Vials and Blood Echoes, Weapon stats for all the right and left hand weapons, and potential glitches and bugs.

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