Bloodborne Has a Cool Secret Feature That Can Actually Save Your Life In Game

Bloodborne gives the players the ability to rate the messages left behind by other players online in the game, but there is actually a hidden secret to these messages that you probably haven’t heard about yet.

As discovered by reddit user yumepenguin, rating a message left behind by the player actually gives the player a nice dose of health boost in his game, provided he is playing the game online at that time.

So there I am, fighting a boss. I’m out of vials of blood, one hit from death. The beast is low and I know I only need a couple of combos to win.

The beast raises a claw, leaps in, and just before he lands a blow a message appears on the screen, “Someone rated your message as fine”, I get a full heal, and proceed to kill the beast!

Rate those messages people, you never know when it may save a life!

So it seems like rating a message is not a useless feature at all, and it is certainly not about the points. It is a nice secret feature that can make the game much more fun, and it also encourages the players to leave more helpful messages in the game.



Rating can actually save the life of another fellow Bloodborne hunter, unless he is a troll and created a message for the purpose of trolling others, in that case, we can punish him by rating it down and perhaps he actually gets hurt by each negative rating.

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