Bloodborne: How To Farm Bloodstone Chunks After Patch 1.04

Bloodborne’s latest patch has introduced many gameplay changes, and it also added the ability to buy Bloodstone Chunks for the hefty price of 30 Insight. If you want to farm Bloodstone Chunks after latest patch, there is an easy way to do so.

Reddit user VoidInsanity has shared this method allowing the users to easily farm Bloodstone Chunks to level up their weapons.

  • Use jemmjmpi
  • Kill Brainsucker boss and reset
  • Brainsucker boss drops chunks and a gem. Normally drops 2 chunks, very rarely drops 1 or zero.

You need to create the Chalice Dungeon, kill the boss, and then recreate it again. The other way way to get Bloodstone Chunks after latest patch is to buy them with 30 Insight from the Messengers. It will become available after players defeat “The One Reborn” and it can’t be bought before defeating this boss.


Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive from From Software, developed in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

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