Bloodborne: Full List of Changes In Patch 1.04 Revealed

Bloodborne has received a new update on the PS4 which has some major changes to the game balance and various bug fixes. Sony has made available an official list of changes in the patches, and it has been translated to english now.

You can take a look at the full list of patch notes for Update 1.04 below.

System balancing and changes

  • Password matching will be done regardless of level gap.
  • Password allow you to match with hostile covenant.
  • Insight shop will unlock when you have more than 1 insight
  • Added Blood Chunk to insight shop (need to progress game to certain point)
  • Maximum stock limit of Bullet and Vial in storage increased to 600.

Game balance / changes

  • Enemy strength (not exactly which aspect) has been adjusted in some area in New game plus.
  • Resistance of enemy with arcane / bolt weakness has been adjusted.
  • Beasthood is easier to accumulate, you will have longer duration of damage buff
  • Upon consuming Beast Blood pellet, beasthood meter now increases.
  • Rifle Spear damage has been adjusted.
  • Stamina consumption of Hammer and Wheel has been reduced.
  • Duration of Old hunter bone increased, consumes less bullet.
  • Tiny Tonitrus scaling changed, damage at low arcane has been increased.
  • Augur of Ebrietas scaling changed, damage at low arcane has been increased.
  • Call Beyond, Choir Bell consumes less bullet.

Chalice Dungeon balancing / changes

  • Short Ritual Root Chalice is added to Insight vendor. It is unlocked once you clear Pthumeru Chalice.
  • Bosses now drop additional reward. There is a random drop chance of upgrading material addition to the blood gem. Chunks start dropping after depth 3, and rock in depth 5.
  • Increased blood echo amount received from enemy.
  • Hp reduction for coop has been changed from 65% to 50 % in cursed dungeon.
  • Summoned cooperator now spawn at starting lantern of that layer.
  • Once you obtained Uncanny and Lost weapon, they will be available through vendor.

Other balancing and changes

  • Brightness of screen when you recollect blood echo has been adjusted.
  • Disconnection issue with standby mode has been fixed
  • Enemy positioning glitch caused by quick movement of enemy when playing online (for coop players ) has been improved.
  • Hidden adjustment and bug fix not mentioned in detail as usual.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of Bloodborne in the comments below.

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