Bloodborne Guide: Best Farming Spots for Blood Echoes, Blood Vials and Easy Level Up

From Software’s Bloodborne is notorious for its difficulty. If you want a much easier time with the game and don’t hate using shortcuts to pass through a game, you will find this guide useful as it details farming spots for Blood Echoes, Blood Vials, and more, resulting in an easy way to level up depending on your current location in the game.

Blood Vial Farming Spot

  • Central Yharnam – Tomb of Oedon

Blood Echoes Farming Spots

  • Lecture Hall – 15,000 Blood Echoes per run
  • Cainhurst Castle – 20,000 Blood Echoes per run
  • Forbidden Grave – 20,000 Blood Echoes per run
  • Mergos Loft: Middle – 30-40,0000 Blood Echoes per run

Blood Stone Shard Farming Spots

  • Unseen Village
  • Old Yharnam

Twin Blood Stone Shards Farming Spots

  • Unseen Village
  • Cainhurst Castle

Blood Stone Chunk Farming Spots

  • Lecture Building (The Giant)
  • Cainhurst Castle(Gargoyles)

Blood Gems Farming Spot

  • Cainhurst Castle

Quicksilver Bullets Farming Spots

  • Lecture Hall
  • Central Yharnam – Tomb of Oedon

Bloodborne also has a mysterious “Beasthood” stat. You can learn more about this stat from here. It was also recently discovered that Insight can actually have an affect on the difficulty level and the behavior of the enemies.

Bloodborne-PS4-screens (1)

If you are currently playing in the Forbidden Woods area, you should be aware of a potential bug that can render your progress useless, as the game won’t reward the players with the Lunarium Key. Sony has confirmed that they are releasing an update for the game next week that should fix this bug.

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