Bloodborne Guide: How To Create Chalice Dungeon, Use Makeshift Altar and Do Co-op

Bloodborne has a unique gameplay mechanism in the form of Chalice Dungeons, which are actually randomnly generated dungeons offering unlimited replay value, new boss battles, and rewards for those who managed to complete them. If a player has made his Chalice Dungeon, he can also share it with others.

You can activate the Chalice Dungeon after beating the third boss, Blood Starved Beast. After defeating this boss, you will acquire your first chalice “Pthumeru Chalice”, which you can use at the ritual altars in Hunter’s Dream.

How to create Chalice Dungeon?

In order to create a Chalice Dungeon, you need some additional items like a Ritual Blood or Tomb Mold and Blood Echoes. The basic components of the Chalice Dungeon can be easily bought from the messengers near the Altar, while Higher level components can be found in the Chalice Dungeon.


After defeating the Blood Starved Beast and acquiring your first Chalice, you have to return to Hunter’s Dream and use the Chalice on any of the altars to start a ritual. You can set your Chalice dungeon as private or public by changing its privacy settings. If you set it to private, only those who know its password and Glyph code can enter your Chalice dungeon.

How to start Co-op in Chalice Dungeon?

Once you enter the Chalice Dungeon, you have to use the Beckoning Bell to summon another player, in case you need help with your dungeon. Keep in mind that summoning for co-op can cost you an Insight level, as detailed in this guide here.

You can also give your friends your Glyph code, if you have set the dungeon to private. They can join your dungeon by selecting the “Search by Chalice Glyph” option at the altar. Once he enters your Chalice Dungeon, he needs to ring the Resonating Bell in order to join your world state. This might take a while so patience is recommended here.

To do co-op with random strangers, you can randomly join a Chalice Dungeon by searching for it from the altar and use the Resonating Bell. However, in order to join for co-op, the host of that Chalice Dungeon must have used the Beckoning Bell.

If you die in co-op during Chalice dungeon, you will have to use the Resonating Bell again to join the host, while he doesn’t need to use the Beckoning bell again.

How to use Makeshift Altar?

To use Makeshift Altar, you need to acquire “Short Ritual Root Chalice” which is used to quickly join a Chalice Dungeon at the Makeshift Altar.

To acquire this “Short Ritual Root Chalice”, you need to last boss in the Lower Hintertomb Chalice using the following order:

Pthumeru Chalice -> Central Pthumeru Chalice -> Hintertomb Chalice -> Lower Hintertomb Chalice

To reach Hintertomb Chalice, you need to find the coffin in Central Pthumerian. Doing this all will unlock the “Short Ritual Root Chalice” and then you can use the Makeshift Altar to quickly join a Chalice Dungeon.

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