Bloodborne Guide: How To Use Beasthood and Beasthood Transformation Explained

Beasthood is a new type of stat for Bloodborne which has a unique use for it in the game. The strength of this stat determines your beasthood when you are temporarily transformed in the game.

The official in-game description lists Beasthood as “The higher this attribute, the closer you are to beasthood when temporary[sic] transformed” which might have caused confusion on how it works, since there is no actual transformation in the game. Atleast not one that is discovered so far.

As of right now, there are only two items that make use of this stat in the game. Beast Claw and Beast Blood Pellet. These items give your character a form where you will have a meter above your head, and it gets refilled whenever you attack. This form increases the damage that you can deal on enemies, and also the damage that you can take during this form.

Beast Blood Pellet gives a temporary buff that refills the Beasthood meter with each attack. The Beast Claw is different as it has a unique attack that refills the Beasthood meter even if you don’t have the buff from the Beast Blood Pellet.

The transformation of the Beast Claw can be seen in the screenshot (via reddit) below.

Since the game is still new and there are plenty of secrets still waiting to be discovered, this stat could have more uses. But as of right now, we only know about these two items that make use of this stat.

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