Bloodborne: Here’s How To Get Madara’s Whistle Without Killing Master Valtr

Bloodborne’s latest update has some new additions as well as hidden changes for the game. This update was made available yesterday and it was released ahead of the upcoming The Old Hunters DLC, which is due out on Tuesday November 24th.

If you have installed the latest update, you can now get a new Hunter’s Tool called Madara’s Whistle. This tool summons a giant Snake’s Head that can help the players, but it can also inflict damage to the players who summon it. It is a Bloodtinge spell and requires 18 BT.

To acquire the Madara’s Whistle, it is recommended to avoid killing Master Valtr.

  • Talk with Master Valtr inside the shack to the right of the first lamp in the Forbidden Forest.
  • After meeting with him, you will get the “Impurity” rune.
  • Once you have memorized the “Impurity” rune, you will be able to access League ranking screens.
  • Once you have joined the “League” and have successful co-op sessions, you will receive “Vermin” as a reward, which you can crush to increase your rankings on the League leaderboards.
  • Once you have crushed your first “Vermin”, head back to Forbidden Forest and talk with Valtr.
  • You will get “League Staff” item & “League Oath” gesture.
  • Return back to Hunter’s Dream and then warp back to Forbidden Forest.
  • Once you return to Forbidden Forest, you will spawn next to an NPC Hunter “Defector Antal”.
  • Killing this Hunter will reward the players with Madara’s Whistle.


If you don’t have the patience to do all this and don’t have any issues in killing Master Valtr, you can do the following.

  • After talking with Master Valtr and getting the “Impurity” rune, kill him to get “One-Eyed Iron Helm”.
  • Return to Hunter’s Dream and wrap back to Forbidden Forest.
  • You will encoutner the same NPC Hunter “Defector Antal”.
  • Kill him to get Madara’s Whistle.

Bloodborne is available exclusively on the PS4. From Software are releasing a new DLC called The Old Hunters for Bloodborne on November 24th.

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