Bloodborne: Here’s A Handy Tip To Save Your Valuable Blood Echoes During Boss Fights

Bloodborne is full of tough boss fights, and there might be moments throughout the game when you are carrying a large amount of Blood Echoes but are getting killed by a boss, and losing them as a result. In case you want to take these Blood Echoes and make a run for it, you can follow this handy tip to do so.

If you didn’t knew about it before, you can actually use a Bold Hunter’s Mark during a boss fight to return to your last checkpoint, and you can do it without losing your life or blood echoes. You just have to make sure that you complete the animation and not get hit by the boss in this process.


Since most boss fights in Bloodborne have enemies leading up to the boss fight, Blood Echoes can stack up a lot, especially if you keep dying. This can be an endless cycle and if you are in a pinch, maybe utilizing all those stacked blood echoes might help you a lot.

If you are out of Bold Hunter’s Mark then there is still a trick to getting out of the boss fight. It might be thought of as cheating but it works, so why not try it? All you have to do is quit to the title menu from the inventory screen and when you will continue again, you will start off from behind the fog gate leading to the boss fight. You can then run to a safe location if you want to spend your blood echoes.

Bloodborne is out now on the PS4 worldwide. It was developed by From Software in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

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