Bloodborne: Here’s How To Join The “League” And Summon NPC Hunters

Bloodborne’s latest update has added a brand new feature to the game called the “League”. This adds a whole new set of NPC Hutners to the game that can be summoned by the players and they can be used to gain help in the Chalice Dungeons.

To access the “League” in Bloodborne, you will need to first install the latest update, which weighs in more than 9 GB. You can read the details about this new update including the changes included in it from here.

Once you have updated to the latest version of Bloodborne, you will be able to access the “League” as well as gain access to The Old Hunters DLC if you have purchased it, once it releases on November 24th.


You can follow the guide below to gain access to the “League” as well as summon NPC Hunters to help you in Chalice Dungeons.

  • You’ll need to summon Summon Master Valtr inside the shack to the right of the first lamp in the Forbidden Forest.
  • After meeting with him, you will get the “Impurity” rune.
  • Once you have memorized the “Impurity” rune, you will be able to access League ranking screens.
  • Once you have joined the “League” and have successful co-op sessions, you will receive “Vermin” as a reward, which you can crush to increase your rankings on the League leaderboards.
  • To summon NPC Hunters for your aid in Chalice Dungeons or campaign, you will need to acquire the “Old Hunter Bell” from the messengers in the Hunter’s Dream area.
  • Using the “Old Hunter Bell”, players can summon up to 2 NPC Hunters or an NPC hunter along with an online co-op player.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC will be released on November 24th exclusively for the PS4.

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