Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – Here’s how to farm Blood Vials

There is a particular enemy in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters that will drop five blood vials each time you kill him. He isn’t all that strong, and you can easily kill him with one hit and acquire a healthy dose of blood vials.

These blood vials will help you in leveling up an preparing you for challenging bosses. To farm blood vials, simply head out of the church from Nightmare Church lamp and cross he river of blood to the other side. Keep following the path until you see the first boss, Ludwig.

This is the path that takes you to the first boss, Ludwig. If you focus on the top of hill, you’ll see a witch. Kill her and then go down. On your way, you’ll see a bloody skeletal figure near the gate. Now simply hit him a couple of times with your weapon and he’ll be dead. Upon his death, he’ll drop 5 blood vials. Once you’ve acquired the blood vials, repeat these steps again and again to continue getting more of them.

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