Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – Here’s how to get the Milkweed Rune

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters allows the players to finally enter beast mode, although it requires a specific item to be utilized. But doing so will transform you into a Kin in the game, as well. You’ll have to get Milkweed Caryll Oath rune from Adeline in order to become a Kin in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. To do so, go to the research hall and activate the stairs in order to find Adeline and get all the Brain Fluid for her. The first Brain Fluid can be obtained on the rafters when you first head up to activate the stairs. You’ll find a large head on the first rafter to your right. Shoot it from any weapon to to get the first Brain Fluid.

Now just simply head back downstairs. You’ll find another head sitting near the platform of railings. Again, shoot it with your weapon to get your second Brain Fluid. After you’ll give Adeline the first Brain Fluid, she’ll reward you with Blood of Adeline. After sometime, give her the second Brain Fluid. But you’ll have to make time pass before you talk to her.


When you head back to Adeline for the last time in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, you’ll see that she’ll no longer be strapped to the chair. Instead, you’ll find her head behind the door you came through. Talk to her and she’ll ask for more Brain Fluid. To get the third Brain Fluid, simply attack Adeline. Her head will burst down into pieces and you’ll be able to get the third Brain Fluid from her. After you strike her down, she’ll regenerate herself quickly. Give her the last Brain Fluid and she’ll reward you with the Milkweed Rune. Equip the Rune and take it back to the Hunter’s Dream. Now your character will turn  into a creeping-looking Kin.

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