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From Software’s Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is now available on PSN exclusively for the PS4, and fans are now busy exploring the new DLC areas. If you’re one of those looking to grab all of the expansion’s new weapons, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of all the new weapons along with a description of their locations. To make things easier, we’ve also added videowalkthrough for the location of each weapon, courtesy of Youtuber Grizwords.


Beast Cutter

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This thick iron cleaver can cut through the toughest of enemies, and once transformed, it splits into sections and becomes a heavy whip-like blade. In order to acquire the Beat Cutter, walk up the staircase leading to the Nightmare Cathedral. As you go up, you’ll come across a dead hunter surrounded by Beast Patients to your left. That’s where you’ll find the weapon.

Boom Hammer

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You can get this giant hammer equipped with a miniature furnace in the Hunter’s Nightmare inside the house that is the shortcut to the Cleric Beast in the base game. You’ll find it on the bottom floor on a dead hunter beside a man in a wheelchair, where the 10 quicksilver bullets used to be.

Gatling Gun

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While in the Hunter’s Nightmare, you’ll see a fork in the road outside the shortcut leading to the Cleric Beast. Head to the right from here. You’ll soon find yourself in a dark cavern. Inside, you’ll encounter a hunter carrying the Gatling Gun. Once you’ve taken him out, you’ll be able to take his brutal firearm from his corpse.

Amygdalan Arm

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The Amygdalan Arm is also found in the Hunter’s Nightmare within the aforementioned dark cavern, where the Gatling Gun is also found. You’ll find it on a dead hunter’s corpse, which is leaning against a wall.

Whirligig Saw

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The Whirligig Saw is found by going down the staircase from the Nightmare Church. You’ll soon reach an area from where you’ll see bloody pools below. Drop down and continue to head forward until you find this deadly weapon on a dead hunter.


Beasthunter Saif

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Once you’ve gone past the Nightmare Cathedral in the Hunter’s Nightmare, you’ll come across an area with an enemy hunter who is accompanied by crows. Take them out or run past them and climb the nearby ladder. Once you’ve climbed the ladder, you’ll find a lower area that you can drop down to. Over here, you’ll find a dead hunter’s corpse carrying the weapon.

Holy Moonlight Sword

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In order to acquire this special two-handed sword, you’ll need to head back to the boss area where you fight Ludwig the Accursed. You’ll find the creature’s disembodied head to the left of the staircase there. Once you’ve slayed the head, you’ll be rewarded with the Holy Moonlight Sword. Alternatively, you can also get the sword without killing it if you’re wearing a church chest piece. He’ll give you the sword provided that you accept his offer. However, if you refuse him, you can still get the sword by returning to this area later on and talking to an NPC.

Fist of Gratia

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This gauntlet of sorts is located  the Hunter’s Nightmare within one of the locked prison cells you encounter after defeating Ludwig, the Holy Blade. In order to unlock the cell, you’ll need to find the Underground Cell Key. This key is located on one of the corpses in a darkly lit side room at the Research Hall.

Church Cannon

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In order to acquire this explosive left-handed firearm, you’ll need to take the secret elevator at the surgery altar in the Research Hall. But before you can do that, you’ll need get the Eye Pendant, which is awarded to you for defeating the Flaming Cleric Beast at the Nightmare Cathedral. Use the Eye Pendant to activate the altar’s secret elevator and pull the nearby lever. You’ll be taken down to an underground room that contains a large brown chest. The weapon is located inside this chest.

Church Pick

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In order to acquire this weapon, you’ll first need to get your hands on the Underground Cell key. The key is located on one of the corpses in a darkly lit side room at the Research Hall. Once you have the key, go to the locked prison cells that you encounter after defeating Ludwig, the Holy Blade in the Hunter’s Nightmare. The weapon is dropped by the Old Hunter Yamamura, who is located in one of the cells. Open his cell and kill him to get the Churck pick.


Loch Shield

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This artisanal shield can be seen right when you enter a platform together with one of the crawling experiments. You can reach it after activating a lever to raise the stairs, and then dropping down to the staircase and following the path down to its location.


This unique weapon can be acquired after killing Brador in his prison cell in the Hunter’s Nightmare. To get to him, you’ll need to get the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key. The key is given to you during the Harrowed Hunter’s quest line. Talk to him and choose the first option at the shortcut in the Hunter’s Nightmare. From there, meet him again at the Lighthouse Hut lantern in the Fishing Hamlet in order to get the key.


In order to acquire this sword, you’ll need to climb down the ladder to the bottom of the well in the Fishing Hamlet. You’ll come across a Frog Giant wandering around the area. Killing it will spawn another one, which drops from the ceiling. Once you have slayed the second Frog Giant, it will drop the weapon.

Kos Parasite

You’ll be awarded this atypical weapon right after defeating the Orphan of Kos at the Lighthouse Hut in the Fishing Hamlet.

Simon’s Bowblade

This curved blade can be acquired from the body of the Harrowed Hunter next to the Lighthouse Hut lantern after answering the first option at the Hunter’s Nightmare shortcut and going through his quest line. To obtain the weapon, interact with him as he lies on the ground.

We’ll be updating this guide with further information and alternate methods (if discovered) for acquiring these weapons, so be sure to check back here. In the meantime, let us know if there’s anything useful you’ve discovered regarding any of Bloodborne: The Old Hunter’s weapons in the comments below.

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